When to book

There are different stages of your baby's life and style of photography changes with them. You are free to book anytime that suits you. In regards to my availability, please contact me at least 4 weeks in advance so that I can find the time that suits both of our schedules.


When to photograph

My absolute favourite baby sessions are 6 to 9 months,  when babies sit unattended and are not crawling yet. These sessions are called SITTER sessions and always result in an easily managed photography session and beautiful images. 

Here is a little photography timetable for you to consider prior to booking in your baby session. Please relate to below guide to understand which kind of images and poses we will be able to achieve. 

  • 3 months: baby is comfortable on his back and tummy and can lift his head up
  • 6 -8 months: baby is sitting up unattended
  • 9 months: baby is sitting very well and crawling
  • 12 months: baby is usually standing with little or no guidance
  • 18 months: baby is walking and climbing



Favourite toys and blankets - these can help to create personalised memories and keep your baby entertained. Noisy toys, snacks and little bribe treats are also great to grab your baby’s attention.


What to expect from your BABY session

Sessions take 1-2 hours which allows plenty of time for play, smiles, outfit changes and feeding. I work around your baby, keeping him/her happy and entertained at all times. At your session I will use a minimum of 4 set ups at any baby session. Siblings and parents shots are always encouraged! 

All viewing and ordering sessions are held at the studio 15 days after your photo session where you will have a chance to view all images and discuss retouching and product options.


Some days your baby may not be in the right mood for a photography session. If this becomes apparent after the first hour of the session I will offer to reschedule at a future time for no extra charge.